Canada’s Cannabis Wedding Movement has started

Your wedding is in the planning stage, so we want to help you plan your wedding for all of the big changes that are going to happen in Canada after July 2018. Our goal is to help connect couples with Canada’s Cannabis-friendly wedding vendors to help make your wedding planning fun and stress-free.

Contact us today and we will connect you with a Weed Wedding planner near you.


Why Weed Weddings are the hottest upcoming trend:

Marijuana at Weddings? It’s the New Moneymaker |

The legalization of recreational marijuana in a handful of states opened the doors to all sorts of cannabis-laden commerce, from dinner service to vacation packages. It was inevitable thatweddings, among the most expensive purchase an adult will ever make, would find a way to introduce weed into … More

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Smoking weed on a wedding day isn’t unusual in Koop’s line of work—in fact, it’s her job to help make it happen. She’s one half of Irie Weddings & Events, a cannabis-oriented wedding-planning service she runs with her business partner, Madlyne Kelly. Their operation, which also puts on traditional … More

Like It or Not, Marijuana Is Making Its Way Into Weddings – The Knot 

It’s true: Because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, some couples are now looking for ways to include weed in their wedding day plans — from cannabis reception centerpieces to special brownies at the bridal shower. And while we don’t expect it to become as … More

Bud Bars Have Become A Must-Have At Weed Weddings – Herb

Wedding season is still among us. And in legal states like California and Colorado, love birds are ditching the alcohol for bud by setting up weed bars. But couples aren’t alone in providing the pot for their big day. Since serving up ganja at weed weddings has become such a huge thing, businesses are …

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